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Legend of the Spider-Prince: Rebel

I just posted the first chapter of my epic, YA fantasy novel, Legend of the Spider-Prince: Rebel, which is the first book in the series. No cover to show off, yet, but it’s coming soon.

Read it on my web site,




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A Turning Point

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only a month since I received my first cover sketch. A lot of exciting progress has been made since my last post.

 I took another look at my decision not to do a print edition—and changed my mind. It’s been a long time since I last bought a print book, and I guess I was behind the times on how competitive my print edition would be. It wouldn’t be against mass market paperbacks, of course, but it seems the big six (are there still six? lol) have taken to publishing in trade paperback sizes. Some of them are so proud of their books, I can actually beat their price by a significant amount and still not be giving the book away. That realization changed everything.

 I settled on a 6” x 9” size, about 406 pages. I now have my own imprint: Meander Creek Books—I can’t resist a pun! My final edit and proof were already done—or so I thought, but the print interior design presented some unique issues and in the course of resolving them, I made a few more tweaks that I naturally carried over into the ebook edition.

 Now that I’m just waiting on the final cover art, I’ve realized I will be able to release my book much sooner than October 31. I plan on doing a book blog promo tour, so I have to allow about a month for reviewers to read and review my story—which means I ought to be able to release it during the month of August.

 After too many decades of closet writing and revising, it’s thrilling to be working on my story as a book and from a different angle. This is all new, coming up with a cover design, distribution decisions, marketing plans, and all the mundane details of setting up a business—it’s a turning point in my life as personally dramatic as any in one of my stories.

 I’ve paid a price getting here that I can’t continue to pay, and that will require some changes on my part. I love to write stories, but the last three years of intensive work (40 – 60 hours of writing a week on top of a full-time day job) have left me with twenty more pounds I don’t need and the physical conditioning of a coma victim—definitely not a sustainable way of life. So, I need to make more time for family and activity away from the keyboard, ie. cut my writing time down to 30 – 40 hours. Maybe with my first book out, the need to write won’t be so obsessive. I’ve certainly learned a lot of crafting efficiencies over the last three years of writing with critical feedback, and with much of the rest of the series already drafted, I’ll be interested in seeing how long the process will take with Book 2, even if I can keep to a more human work schedule.

 But with the rest of the series gnawing at my subconscious and huge chunks of series details shifting and ker-chunking into place, that may be easier said than done!

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