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Coupon for 50% Off New Epic Fantasy Release

Just a short post today–I’m running a little behind. I’m checking out all the features at Smashwords to see how they work, so for the rest of the month, my debut novel, Legend of the Spider-Prince #1: REBEL has a 50% off coupon–just type-in “DU50G” for the coupon at checkout on Smashwords.


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Surprise Book Birthday!

A funny thing happened on Monday, July 15th.

I had just received my finished book cover and realized that for my book to be available in time for my blog tour that starts August 16th, I was going to have to get it into the distribution system well before that date. I also figured Murphy’s Law was still in force, so I expected surprise problems when I started uploading on Smashwords. (If I have a mantra, it would be, “it’s always something….”)

I uploaded, and sure enough, there was something wonky in the formatting, despite all my precautions to make sure there wasn’t—the known formatting issues stopped with Word 2007, and I’ve got Word 2010, though I saved the files as Word 97-2003 docs. So, I got rid of some surprise XML and hidden text, and tried again. The only change in the error message was the line numbers where the problems were—somewhere in the front matter and Table of Contents, which looked fine in EPUB. I fussed for a couple hours (it was already past my bedtime when I started) and called it a night, then discovered that while I was fussing and re-uploading, I’d had two of my sample pages downloaded!

That was a shock—but not a bad one!

I’d hoped to have the EPUBCHECK problem worked out before anyone discovered my book was out there. Except for this blog and my web site, and the FB author page and Twitter posts that go out whenever I make a post here, no one really knows about my book, so I figure the wonderful cover Kirsi made, and my blurb, were doing their job in those few hours when my book was at the top of the home page of Smashwords.

Long story short, I’d made my first sale on Smashwords in twelve hours, and three more in the next twenty-four hours! Not one for the record books, I’m sure, but I still take it as an encouraging sign.

Since then, I’ve uploaded Legend of the Spider-Prince #1: REBEL on Amazon as an ebook, and in the first twenty-four hours there, I also made four sales!

The score now sits at five sales on Smashwords and four sales on Amazon, with nineteen additional samples downloaded on Smashwords!

As for the mystery error, I rooted it out today, so my ebook is now set to go out to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. I also finished my paperback edition’s layout and ordered my proof, so it also should be ready to go when the blog tour kicks off in August. I also posted Chapter 4 on my web site.

After so many years of writing in total obscurity, it has been an amazing week, the more so for this all being completely unexpected. So, a HUGE THANK-YOU to those brave souls who took a chance on a completely unknown author—I hope my book delivered on its promise, and left you entertained and wanting more.

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Chapter Three of REBEL is now posted

Well, at last a nice, quiet weekend to catch up with myself.

Self-publishing continues to be a learning experience. Whole books have been written about what I don’t know about graphic design and printing–fortunately, my cover artist has the patience of a saint.

Caught up with my email and social media, and even had a chance to plunge back into writing Book 2, ROGUE, though getting out of the edit/proofing mindset may take a little doing. My Inner Editor has had free rein for so long, I hope it can do with a little rest!

I’ve put Chapter 3 of  Legend of the Spider-Prince: REBEL up on my website

The book will be officially released August 15, 2013, with a blog tour starting on August 16th. More to follow.




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Chapter Two Is Up

Last night I posted Chapter Two of Legend of the Spider-Prince: REBEL on my web site:, but I was too tired to let anyone know about it!

Synchronicity…sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so. I’m still burned out by the latest concatenation of events (I love that word), but at least it ended on a good note–my 86 y.o. mother-in-law is home from the hospital feeling and looking better; I got to see my elder daughter and the grandkitties over the holiday while breaking up only one mild cat-fight with 15 y.o. Cookie Monster (who doesn’t think they’re cute, but decided not to brood over the intruders this visit); finally found allergy meds that worked for Amber (who can’t understand why a 50 lb dog and 4 lb kittens can’t play laser-dot together!); Circe (Firebrand’s inspiration) has gotten over whatever happened on July 5th while we were at the hospital that made her refuse to go near the barn even to eat (we hope it was nothing worse than the new neighbors using up their fireworks, though Circe generally weathers New Years and the Fourth with aplomb, thanks to four years in Tucson, where the base stables were across the road from the firing range!); I finished my last proof and got REBEL out as an ARC; I received the final sketch for my cover; and I finally got some decent sleep. (My semicolons have gotten a workout this morning!)

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