About Margo Ander

I loved fairy tales as a child, but could never get enough of them until I learned to read for myself. I spent my formative years playing dungeon master to my sisters long before there were actual games requiring one. I wrote my first chapter book in 3rd grade. My Barbies fought Klingons, conquered the galaxy—and always had room on their spaceship for horses.

I  grew up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in the USA, graduated from Neshaminy Senior High School, and then from Lehigh University with a B.A. in English. I entered the U. S. Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer, survived to be among the first female Minuteman missile combat crew commanders until peace broke out all over in 1989, when I returned to my favorite job, aircraft maintenance, just in time for Operation Desert Storm. After peace broke out again in 1992, I became a civilian. I am a horsewoman, an archer, a fencer, and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism—all useful skills and experiences for a fantasy novelist. I am currently holding down a day job in Mississippi, in the USA, where I live with my husband and two daughters, and am presently down to one horse, one cat, and one dog—and ‘way too many books.

I write Epic, Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction novels, with Napoleonic Suspense, Paranormal Suspense, Historical, Regency, and Steampunk thrown in. I update my blog whenever I feel I have something worthwhile to say.


2 responses to “About Margo Ander

  1. J. R. Whitener

    I went through this same question before completing my novel. In this day and age it’s hard to keep a pen name a pen name. Some still do for pragmatic reasons, such as their given name having a double entandre or is awkward to read.

    But the reality of is, unless you’ve been secreting off to a cave and writing under an oil lamp, your family/friends probably know and one Facebook post could ruin it.

    • So true!! That’s why I don’t have my picture, because it links to my Facebook page. I’m afraid you’re right–there might be a different name on a published book, but “all roads lead to Rome!”

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