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An Unexpected Turn for the Riding Page

Well, I guess it’s about time to write about horses.

Funny thing, ha, ha, but shortly after I started my blog and called it the 3R’s, one of the R’s took a turn for the worse.

My last remaining horse, Circe, started dropping weight. Since she gets fat smelling other horses’ feed, this was a clear sign of something wrong. Not teeth, not worms, not off her feed–the fact that she’s 28 figured rather prominently in my anxiety to get the vet out to look at her.

He diagnosed her from 75 feet away. Heaves. COPD for horses. The last thing I ever expected to hear–she’s a pastured horse and I’ve always associated heaves with clover hay and draft-free barns. It’s an allergic reaction to something in her environment, no telling what. She often has to exhale twice for every breath taken. The vet spotted the characteristic ridge of muscle in her flanks that develops from having to make that extra effort to exhale. A steroid shot gave her some relief.

It means she’s no longer semi-retired but truly grounded, and I’m grounded with her. I’d always figured on including a few good stories from the past on this Riding page, but never that there’d be no new stories to add. This is the first I’ve been able to bring myself to write about it.

I’d meant this to be an upbeat page, but every now and then, life kicks like a mule.


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